OhWill Auto Heat Press Machine for shirts for DIY Creative, T-Shirt, jeans, Mouse Pad, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons


OhWill SKU: USAN1038938

OhWill Auto Heat Press Machine for shirts for DIY Creative, T-Shirt, jeans, Mouse Pad, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons


OhWill SKU: USAN1038938


OhWill SKU: USAN1038938
* 15 in x 15 in (38 cm x 38 cm) Teflon-coated heat plate. *Simple to set and start with only one button. *Auto-adjusts to materials up to 1 in (2.5 cm) thick with flip-cover pressing. *The Auto Heat Press Machine operation to close the machine with ease & auto-release when the pressing cycle is complete. *Reaches temperatures up to 464°F (240 °C) for iron-on. *Safety features include auto-off after 30 minutes of inactivity & certified temperature-rated plastics. *Sturdy sheet metal construction. *It can also heat transfer patterns on metal materials.
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Simple to Set, Smart OFF:
The Ohwill Auto Heat Press is simple to set and start with only one button. Safety features include auto-off after 30 minutes of inactivity & certified temperature-rated plastics.

Perfect Pressure Sensing and Automatic Heat Pressing:
The automatic heat press greatly reduces the guesswork of stress. Once the temperature and time are set, the smart heat press automatically determines the thickness of the item to be pressed,The most suitable thickness is less than 1cm, and the max is 2.5cm. and controls the optimum pressure. Meanwhile, this smart t-shirt heat press machine will automatically release items after pressing.

Heating Quickly & Evenly:
It uses Thermocouple material, Which can measure and control the temperature better. The heating plate adopts a single electric heating tube. Under the same resistance, the temperature difference in each area will be smaller than that of multiple electric heating tubes, which means that the single electric heating tube is more evenly. This setting allows the machine to heat up quickly in a short time. While the temperature of the heating plate can be precisely controlled, it is evenly heated.

Simple Design:
The automatic heat press has a smaller body under the same heat transfer size as the industrial heat press. We added pearl powder crystals to the topcoat, which showed a rainbow-like glow under the illumination of the light;

Temperature setting:0 - 240°C(0 - 464°F);
Time setting: 0 - 499 seconds; Power:1100 w;

It is suitable for all beginners as well as professional craftsmen. Even women with weak physical strength can easily make hundreds of heat transfer products with the Ohwill automatic heat press. The Auto heat press is ideal for small businesses that need mass production.

Product Size: 50.5*40*26.5CM (19.9*15.8*10.4 inch)
Package Size: 58*48*30 CM (22.8*18.9*11.8 inch)
Product Weight: 15.5KG (34.2 lb)
Package Weight:17.5KG (38.6 lb)

Operation Type
There are three operation types that a heat press machine can handle: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

Naturally, the less you have to interact with a machine, the more expensive it will get, so it makes perfect sense that a fully automated heat press machine will have you reach deeper into your pockets than a semi-automatic or a manual one.

Manual heat press machines are without a doubt the most popular ones, and the price has a big role in this decision. Sure you have to interact with it and if it’s a clamshell then you’ll also have to put in a little elbow grease to lift it, but hey, nothing beats a manual heat press price-wise.

A semi-automatic lifts some of that burden off of your shoulders, so you can focus more on your designs. However, it doesn’t just do everything for you, as you’ll still need to interact with it, and it also costs more than a manual machine.

A fully automated heat press machine will definitely break the bank, so you should only stick with such a machine if you’re really serious about your business and would love some extra time at the expense of money. If you’re struggling with keeping up with bulk orders, a full-auto heat press is definitely the right choice for you.

Clip Style vs. Clamshell: Which Heat Press Machine Is Better?
Clip-style heat presses get their name due to their resemblance to fabric pins. They have a heating element on either side of the clamp and need you to place your materials into them before pressing the machine. Then you clip down one side at a time, controlling the heat settings with knobs. Due to their simple design, they tend to be of inferior quality to clamshell presses.

Clamshell heat presses employ an all-metal mold into which you put your objects before clamping them down with hot platens. Because of its dependable design, this type of heat press produces greater quality results for most materials.

How does heat transfer paper work?
The way heat transfer paper work is right in its very name: you put your design on a special piece of paper, then you plant the paper on a t-shirt and use a heated surface to transfer the design on the t-shirt. Note that t-shirts are simply the most often customized pieces of fabric, and heat transfer paper should work great on other types of surfaces, as well.

Questions & Answers

  • Is there a manual for this? Mine didn't come with one and I am trying to determine sublimation settings.

    Hi lorrie,
    There are operating instructions in the package. You did not receive an instruction manual?
    If you need it, I can send it to you by the order or mail. But I can't find your order and email.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Ive only had the press a short time. Its been great has worked perfectly with even pressure and temp! Adding I have now pressed over 60 t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and jogger sweatpants! I have pressed screenprints. DTF transfers and htv ront vinyl! This press has been so amazing !

This won't heat without tripping the entire apartment AND has no brand ANYWHERE!

I will never buy anything that doesn't have the actual brand on the machine, the booklet or the warranty information. It's terrible and would have been great if it was legit. It's not!

Great press

It is a great press and quality is awesome! I just it was more wiggle room when pressing things like shirts and hoodies.

Best Press So Far

I love this auto press, just push and button and it does all of the work for you.